Dear Customer

Thank you for visiting Dilas Home today.

If you are still in doubt to purchase from us, let me introduce to you how we work at Dilas Home.


We believe that quality product is our best brand ambassador.

For every good purchased, our team will do a quality check on the product before we ship it out. In case of any defect, there were high chances that it was caused by the careless delivery process and only 0.001% chance of human factor reason such as our teammate David was snoring when packing your goods (we are so sorry if this happens). Kindly let us know as soon as you receive it and we will discuss with you on whether to do a refund or resend it again.


Most of our products are direct sourced from manufacturers which further cut the middleman costs. Still, beautiful products such as gold finished products incur really high in production costs. However, at Dilas Home, we insist that luxury design is for all and we always make them affordable within our ability.

Shipping Fee

All shipping fee are charged based on their weight, volumetric weight or actual weight, whichever higher. We do not profit from the shipping fee paid by you, usually we top up the shipping rate from our pocket.


We pack your parcel from Monday to Friday excluding public holidays. We will ship out your parcel within 2 days upon receipt of your orders under normal operation standard. We will reach out to you in case of any delay caused by unforeseen circumstances. Delivery via Qxpress will further take another 3 – 5 working days. Therefore, kindly expect to receive a delivery call from Qxpress 5 days after your purchase. Contact us if you have not received it after 7 working days.


Everyday we work hard to pack your parcel in the most protected way while minimize the size of the parcel (high shipping cost if it is too big). All products come with standard packaging. We do not spend too much efforts in making the parcel beautiful if it means to increase your buying price and shipping rate. For gift buyer, we highly recommend you to receive your purchase first and then repack it again as a gift.


Any dissatisfaction from you is because of us, for not being good enough.

We are new seller, we can be lack in experience and skill, but we possess 100% sincerity, responsibilty and commitment to you as a seller. We always remind ourselves this question, if we were customers, how would we want to be treated?

Tell to us more about your satisfaction and dissatisfaction. Good feedback keeps us motivated while bad feedback keeps us improved.


We accepts 9 types of payment methods, you can pay via Credit Card, Paypal, PayLah, E-nets (Real time bank transfer via I-Banking), AXS, 7-Eleven (Convenience store cash payment), Bill Payment, Direct Cash Deposit and Q-money.

Thank you for taking your time to read about us. 

Best Regards,