Brand & Value

DI-LAS [Indonesian]  Process of joining metallic parts. In the ancient past, metals were unknown. When they were discovered and man learned how to work on them, people's lives changed.

This inspires what we do at Dilas Home, to discover and to design new home and living products, for better life at home. Currently we focus on the elements such like marble, gold, copper and brass, we will also extend our collections with new element anytime.

“Making everyday life beautiful.”

Relax & Shop

Have you ever encountered two similar products priced differently yet made of distinctive quality? At Dilas Home, it's our daily task to inspect products from various manufacturers and ultimately source from the best one for each item. All products presented here undergo careful curation, selection, usability testing, and quality checks before being placed on our shelves for sale.

Some products are handcrafted and may not have flawless workmanship and finishing. Please read every product detail carefully before making a purchase.

“Quality product is our best brand ambassador.”

Getting More with Less

Our products are directly sourced from manufacturers, cutting out middleman costs. However, beautiful items such as gold-finished products incur high production costs. Nevertheless, at Dilas Home, we believe that luxury design should be accessible to all. That's why we bring you the best of the best without inflated prices.