Marble Effect Plant Pot

Small Pot without TraySmall Pot without Tray
Small Pot with TraySmall Pot with Tray
Big Pot with TrayBig Pot with Tray
Big Pot without TrayBig Pot without Tray

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Plant in a prettier way. This planter is perfect for a cactus or a succulent plant. They are great for indoor use because there is no drainage hole type. You may also use as storage holder or a nice interior detail for the makeup table, office or kitchen.
Small Pot: Ø 10 x H 10.5cm
Tray: Ø 13 x H 2.2cm
Big Pot: Ø 12.5 x H 13cm
Tray: Ø 15.5 x H 2.5cm


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Pot with tray has drainage hole
Pot without tray does not have drainage hole.

Every marble piece has different marble texture, resembles the unique of our nature. #notrealmarble #notrealmarble #onesizeonly

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Handmade products are like us, perfect but not flawless. Especially porcelain products, they may contain tiny dots & uneven gold coating.